SKM Tahap 3 Pemandu Pelancong

NOSS HT-023-3 :2012 (KPL/PLN/0122)

Course Duration : 6 months
Intakes : March, July, October

This course will allow interested students to gain knowledge and skills required to become a licensed Tourist Guide (TG) under the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC).

Sinar College is currently the only institution in Malacca to offer the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysian (SKM) Level 3 Pemandu Pelancong course approved by MOTAC.

Applicants over 18 years who meet the following entry requirements and is physically and mentally fit as set by MOTAC are eligible to enroll in this course.

Minimum Entry Requirements
Academic Requirements
SPM 6 passes (including Bahasa Malaysia)
Others Qualifications recognised by Ministry of Education Malaysia
SKM Certificate In the relevant field
Relevant Work Experience 5 Years experience in tourism related industry will be considered upon passing an interview conducted by MOTAC.
Assessment Methods
Coursework Assessments (40%)
Students are required to complete various assignments throughout the course.
MOTAC Assessments (60%)
Written Exams (20%)
Paper A consist of Multiple Choice Questions and Short Essay Questions to be completed within one and half hour.
Paper B consist of eight essays questions to be completed within three hours.
Practical Exams (80%)
Practical Exams consist of three sections: Oral Test, Slide Test and Coach Test.
Modules Course Description
Tour Job Assignment Acceptance To receive tour job assignment from customer in a hospitable manner in accordance with the Code of Ethics. The Tourist Guide (TG) who is competent in receiving the tour job assignment shall be able to communicate with customer, identify, confirm and accept the tour job assignment.
Pre-tour Arrangement To arrangement with service provider and places to be visited in a precise manner in accordance to the Tourist Guide Code of Ethics, to ensure that sufficient facts are gathered to gain an understanding of the programme, service and the possible benefits that may accrue to the tourist.
Tourist Arrival Execution To execute tourist arrival arrangement in a precise manner so that the TG shall "Meet and Greet" tourist by following procedures. TG who is competent in executing tourist arrival shall be able to perform pre-arrival activities, "Meet and Greet" at arrival point, transfer tourist to accommodation destination and execute check-in accommodation.
Tour Itinerary Execution To communicate effectively with the tourist on the arrangements, agreed time schedule and various places to be visited or patronised. This programme shall also be able to analyse tour itinerary contents and arrangement for contingencies, adhere to safety security and emergency procedures and report tour itinerary execution.
Tourist Departure Execution To arrange in advance details such as to: coordinate departure arrangement, execute accommodation check-out, transfer tourist to departure point and execute boarding arrangement at departure point.
Tour Commentary Delivery Tour commentary delivery shall be performed in a precise manner following the norms using pre-set procedures in the TG Code of Ethics, so that the tourist are fully and accurately informed. TG who is competent in the tour commentary must be able to gather information on the relevant topic, prepare storyline to deliver, conduct the tour commentary on the topic, and handle Questions and Answers.
Tourist Health, Safety, Security and Emergency Handling To observe and execute the tour job assignment in accordance to MTGC's Code of Ethics. TG shall be competent in handling tourist health, safety, security & emergency and be able to analyse relevant health, safety, security & emergency information, minimise risk and hazard, conduct health, safety and emergency briefing and report on health matters.
Tour Payment Arrangement TG who is competent in the tour payment arrangements shall be able to assess tour payment arrangement instruction, execute tour payment instruction and record tour payment transactions.
Customised Tourist Services Perform customised tourist services and requirements in a satisfactory manner so that good personalised and customised services can be given attention to. TG who is competent in customising tourist services shall be able to analyse and carry out tourist services arrangements.
Optional Tours Execution Optional tours arrangement are promoted and carried out in a satisfactory manner so that tourist is able to visit and explore other tourism products available in accordance with industry procedures and requirements.
Post Tour Reporting Post Tour reporting contains the scope of tour reports so that tour activities are evaluated and analysed in accordance with travel agents requirements. The TG who is competent in post tour reporting shall be able to obtain on-tour information, study tourist feedback and generate tour report.

Licensed Tourist Guide

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