Why Choose to Study @ Sinar College ?

Which qualification should I pursue – an Accountancy Degree program or the ACCA Qualification; and Why?

Given a choice, one should embark on the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Professional Qualification.

It is a prestigious and World Renowned Qualification. It is a brand which is recognised world-wide. ACCA has been around for over 100 years and in that time they have built a reputation of excellence in qualifications and training that is recognised around the world, especially by employers of accountants.

ACCA is a Global Professional Accountancy Body with 115,000 members and 296,000 students in 170 countries.

Choosing the “Right” tuition provider is as essential as choosing the right course. But, who is the ideal tuition provider?

If you are a Malaccan, or from any area/state nearby Melaka; and "value for money" is of your utmost interest, then look no further. Sinar College is your ideal tuition provider.

Sinar College is the first and only College in Melaka to offer ALL the papers of the ACCA and CAT programs.

As tuition providers, we offer flexibility in terms of mode of study. We conduct both full-time and part-time classes for the ACCA Professional Scheme to cater for the working students. Plus, we also conduct the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) program, which represents a truly accelerated route to the ACCA professional qualification!

Located right in the heart of the city of Melaka, need we say more?

What is the fastest route to the ACCA Professional Qualification?
Students, upon completion of their SPM / GCE "O" Levels (or equivalent) with a minimum of 5 Credits including credits in Mathematics and English (with at least a B4 for English and Mathematics) may pursue the ACCA Professional Qualification (with exemptions from the Fundamentals – Knowledge papers) upon completion of the CAT program. On the basis that students do not fail any paper, it is possible to complete the entire course in as short as 3 years!
What is the CAT program?

CAT stands for "Certified Accounting Technician". This course can be completed in as short as 1.5 year.

The course syllabus is made up of the Introductory Level (2 papers), Intermediate Level (2 papers), Advanced Level (3 papers) and the Options Level (choice of 2 out of 3 papers), making it a total of 9 papers to complete.

What is my next step upon the completion of the CAT?

Upon the completion of the CAT program, students may embark on the ACCA Professional Scheme.

The ACCA Professional Scheme comprises of the Knowledge Module (3 papers), the Skills Module (6 papers), followed by the Essential Module (3 papers) and the Options Module (choice of 2 out 4 papers). However, students who are advancing from the CAT program will be granted an exemption of the Knowledge Module by the ACCA, United Kingdom (UK).

With the exemption, a student will only have to attempt 11 papers to complete the ACCA Professional Scheme.

What other entry routes are there to the ACCA Professional Scheme?

Apart from pursuing the CAT, students may embark on the ACCA program provided they have attained at least two credits in the STPM or a pre-university program (or equivalent), or have obtained a degree from an approved university.

In this case, students would commence the ACCA from the Knowledge Module (3 papers), meaning they would have to attempt all 14 papers to complete the ACCA Professional Scheme.

What are the exemptions I would get if I have a Degree from an approved university?

This would depend on the undergraduate course you have pursued. If the course subjects were relevant, the relevant transcripts may be submitted (either by mail or on-line) to the ACCA, United Kingdom (UK) for evaluation. Exemptions, in this case, are granted on a case-by-case evaluation basis, which is entirely at the discretion of the ACCA, UK.

Note that exemption fees would be levied by the ACCA, UK should they grant any exemption.

What are the passing rates like for the ACCA and CAT?
You are able to view the global average passing rates by logging on to: http://www.accaglobal.com/my/en/student/exam-support-resources/pass-rates-for-acca-qualifications.html
Are there any scholarships available?
Yes. We are fully in support of students who demonstrate commendable academic capabilities. Scholarships are available for students who excel academically. For more details on the types of scholarships available, kindly approach our Administration Office.
As a concerned parent, how would I be able to keep track of my child’s progress?
Yes. Parents of our CAT students would receive Progress Reports (Report Cards) mailed to them detailing the results of your child’s academic performance in our internal exams.
When are the actual examinations held?

The official written CAT and ACCA examinations are held twice yearly; i.e. in the second and third weeks of June and December respectively. There are also Computer Based Examinations (CBE) held for the first two papers of the CAT and ACCA, in which case, exam dates can be almost any day in the year.

Sinar College is the official written examination center for the CAT and ACCA examinations in the state of Melaka. We are also a certified CBE Examination Center.

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